D&S Talk About Their Weekend


Now, here's your co videos. He'll. We will be. Here wherever will pick something right and it's like we'll be here for people to meet us if. Somebody says they're going to come meet us. Like we're not going to go just to hang out in. His nobody's coming strickland for somebody. Nobody's fucking shown up right. Let's not disappoint ourselves. Nobody's coming. Well I'M GONNA. Go. And I don't need any of this. I don't need this stuff and I don't need you I don't need anything. Except this ashtray and this paddle game the Ash tray in the panel game and that's all I need. And this remote control, the Ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that's all I need and these matches, the ashtray, these matches, and the remote control and the paddle I don't need one other thing not one. Except the Nice guys on business podcast. Bill from where you are now to where you could be. Get expert tips to grow your business to be more productive and more efficient whether you're trying to build influence, grow your community or make it rain bestselling author of Nice Guys Finish First Doug Sandler can lead the way. The Nice guys on business is produced by turnkey podcasts productions. Now here's your host. Doug, Sandler. Brian from here. Hey by the way I'm eating my anytime. Have you ever had I? Know you're not a big? Well. At least I shouldn't make presumptions. You told me one time like, yeah like when it comes to eating right like you're really skinny guy because like you can take it or leave it right like. have. You ever had a time where you eat like you're not hungry, but you just want to keep eating because. It's interesting. You're you're saying that because this is the conversation that we just literally had at dinner tonight really because I mean my any ties because let me give you the background so like. I made these potatoes for dinner and there were good but it was like, okay, I'm I'm pretty full, but it's like I'm wasn't satisfied I'm like I wanted to eat. There's something. Excuse me not there you know like I. You know. So. Just eating just eating potatoes alone. Heck I. I could see that I actually like it see this probably ask. Anyway. What's the cover? Oh Hey by the way. What is the conversation you said dinner as I eat my last any tighter. So I think part of the part of the thing part of the reason why I probably am a tall drink of water. Is because when I when I am I guess approaching that that spot in my in my meal where I'm full, I don't actually get full I get tired of what I'm eating. So it's like I get bored with what's what's in front of me because some people? Eat to live, and then some people live to eat my maybe that's something the best comparison here it might be more like some people just like taste so good that they can't stop is that is that what you're well see you're talking about a slightly differently than that because. What you were talking about was you were having potatoes for dinner and it was just not satisfying, but you just kept keep eating is both sides of the same coin. Okay. Times where there's something that I'm eating it so good. Yeah I'm full but it's so fucking good to stop eating our times. It's Hey I eight and I'm I'm Kinda flow but I'm just not satisfied. I need something more. So while sides of the same coin. How about this third side of the same coin how about the fact that you you eat something and let's say you've made. Slightly, more of a portion than you would have normally eaten, but you don't. You know it's just there. It's like you make the pot of it or whatever, and then put it in your bowl or on your plate and you eat it and you're the only one that's actually going to be eating this meal and instead of just putting that last thing away kit just continue eating because you don't WanNa have to do anymore dishes or put anything in the fridge. Forever. Oh. Yeah. Yeah it's like. That was really good. You know there's just not enough for leftovers I'm might as well just finish it on. Oh, absolutely. So speaking of which there's a couple times when I see myself getting in a pattern of doing that and never really an excess a one over a long period of time. But the things I see doing that and one of the things you sent a picture to me this weekend is the tail end of a really good steak dinner right off. Stake is one of those things that if I'm having a really good steak, I just don't WanNa stop I really especially it's one of those steaks. It's like made within the salamander like the fifteen hundred degree thing and they put the the steak butter on it. It's a really good Yeah. Yeah. I can. I can find myself getting into trouble that way. The other thing is pizza. I do the same thing pizza I'm like.

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