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So I saw this article on the boot DOT COM Unbelievable nineties, country facts you definitely didn't know some of them. I'M GONNA know you're going to know Eddie's here by the way because we're such nineties country fans love it but it's pretty funny to read some of the stuff. The Ninety S I'll read some what they wrote here. The nineties changed everything about Country Music Garth, Brooks Shania Twain Alan, Jackson, George Strait, but some of the facts that they share ready. Yeah. Keith urban makes an appearance in the music video for Alan. Jackson's nineteen ninety-three hit Mercury Blues. He was also the road guitars for Brooks and Dunn prior to becoming Keith Urban Yeah. Yeah I think he's playing guitar on the video, right? I don't know I didn't know you like I've seen this video and he's one of the guitar players in the video what I remember most about. This was home improvement because Alan Jackson won on home improvement did this song toll time right I remember that I know everywhere to the song don't think. So because of that. Lone. Stars. Hit amazed. was written as writers, Aimee, Mayo, and Chris Lindsey were falling in love with each other Mayo says they're feeling started pouring out as they were riding the famous love ballot. Oh. My with the the writing together. Wow I have trouble share my feelings in words sometimes can you imagine? Riding a song lyrically. And what if one of them writes a little more passionately than the other the other one's just not into it like you know love me as much. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, Tricia Earwood Leeann rhymes both received grammy nominations for their individual versions of how do I live rimes performed the song at the grammys and then right after she performed. She stood offstage because that was the in the winner is. End. TRICIA earwood one crazy. There was a whole con air fight about that song. Where they had asked. TRICIA. I believe Tricia to do it or the movie and then Kellyanne had already done it. He have. But Leeann did it for the movie I right and they did not using it Tricia? So they had both versions crazy in the same category. Do they hate each other because of that? Or they just kind of like whatever it's over I don't know. I. Separately, talked to Tricia about this, right? Yeah. She didn't seem too bothered by she also one. Okay that's probably also won the grammy. I think what she said was she remembers Leeann doing the performance in that category categories right after the performance and then that's when you know you're about to win because you're categories right after you perform. And so they just expected her to win. That Lien was in the movie right? Not Tricia. Pretty. Sure Tricia I can check it. I barely remember this as a kid. But yeah, that's an uncomfortable thing. We'll come back to that. Little known facts about Chris Gaines who is Garth Brooks alter-ego Chris Gaines was in a teen pop group called crush. And he spent two years undergoing plastic surgery to repair his face after violent nineteen, ninety, two car crash really is Chris Gaines on on streaming services nowhere I would not even on Youtube I would think of it's all garth earth just keep that to Garth I actually liked Chris gain stuff I'm going to be honest with you. There's a whole part in this in that garth documentary that I watched on Netflix there's a whole segment on it word where they're talking about Chris Gains and Tricia Earwood is. Just protecting and defending it as hard as she can say, like all you guys that hate on Chris Games, you've got your stupid because you didn't listen at Chris Gains. It was amazing I remember liking it. And everybody hating on it it'd be like what he did Saturday night live as Garth and Chris Games was just confusing for a fan. Explain it you have to explain it. You're not going to get what they want you to get from it, and that's what Garth said. That was the problem with it. It was just it was too much of an inside thing for us and we didn't market it right well, I was going to be a movie correct fell through and then it just ended up being the music they were GonNa make for the movie. Yeah. Mine did you find the Leandra stuff? Yeah. It was Tricia Earwood in the movie at the end. So what happened with Leeann rhymes then they initially went to her to record it she recorded it and then they went with Tricia. Virgin. Dirty at hurts man Deana Carter strawberry wine was inspired by Boone's farm. Strawberry Hill Flavor Know you didn't drink in highschool you don't drink now but men in highschool that boone's farm. that. Was the easiest to buy, and that's what everyone drink numerous people passed on the song to record it including Tricia earwood speaking of Tricia. She was again not for me. What? What Smash Razi home. Early on billy ray Cyrus was dogged by rumors that he used to Chippendale dancer. I remember that rumor. But he was so good looking or you believe it like that's a great thing to have as bad rumor about you that you're a chippendale dancer you gotta be like ripped and hot to do that. Okay. Three dudes you're talking about this but I'll ask you like right now current country artists who would be who who would fit that rumor chippendale dancers. Sam Maybe Sam was Sam Hunt. Keith. Couldn't keep me one made a little too small I think. About Dirks No, we'll do small. No just doesn't have to be a chill you to be almost cartoon Lee rip okay. And Keith this thin and in good shape but. Like me, I'm thin in a good shape I'm not cartoon. Sam maybe like that Riley Green Ball He. ripped. Yeah Repton. Just, like leave it there map. Justin lunch maybe. I don't know I see that though I did see that that's kind of plays off the short career as a chippendale dancers bragging vegas yeah. George Strait. Tried to get the name of his movie pure country changed too because he believed it was more than just a country film it obviously. Didn't work.

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