Shaniwar Wada

Haunted Places


Due. To the graphic nature of this haunted place listener discretion is advised this episode includes dramatization of graphic violence harm against minors, Abe ISM and suicide. We advise extreme caution for children under thirteen. Sophie was going to bomb this place on tripadvisor Shawnee War WanNA looked nothing like the bond sally film. Her mom made her watch before they came to Poona to see the real setting of the eighteenth century epic. She was promised a palace of mirrors instead, it was mostly gray and weathered with small windows that only let the light in the topmost levels the former location of the Mirror Palace itself was commemorated by a metal plaque that now only offered a view of shipping container. So these MOMS still ended up she was the kind of person who actually read the cards in museums. Sophie ducked out early to grabber Nintendo switch from the car as she headed back through the main courtyard. She saw something very strange. Sophie had already been let down by the courtyards appearance when they arrived in the solid film Priyanka, Chopra dance through the large open areas with colored sand India's singing sweetly about how her love at finally returned to her. Let there is no Priyanka this muted courtyard. Only, very small boy trust in traditional garments. She wondered if he was some kind of plant. Until he burst into flames. Fire licked the white fabric as the boy skins fizzled and melted his mouth gaped wide as he wailed somehow he was standing upright through what was clearly overwhelming pain. Sophie rushed forward to extinguish the flames but she ran right through him leaving only the sensation of searing heat of feeling like running your fingertip over candle. Confused Sophie Call For help her mother and the rest of the tour group rushed in. By the time they arrived. All. That was left to the boy. Was Ash on the ground.

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