Tom Seaver, Hall of Fame pitcher and Mets legend, dead at age 75


Tom Tom Seaver Seaver this this morning, morning, the the Baseball Baseball Hall Hall of of Fame Fame or or the the greatest greatest Met Met ever ever has died at the age of 75. Let's go live to City Field address, 41 Seaver Way and WCBS reporter Marla Diamond Marlin. And Steve Tom Seaver's plaque in Cooperstown lauds him as a power pitcher who helped change the New York Mets from loveable losers into formidable foes. He was simply the greatest Mets player of all time and among the best to ever play the game, said Mets owner Fred Wilpon in a statement. Ed Crane. Poole was a teammate and good friend. He was the number one player Marquee player franchise, and you can't replace a Tom Seaver in your organisation. This is a sad day and met Tom Seaver was a class act an inspiration to his legions of fans at a young how he rose. Just watching him taught me how you're supposed to comport yourself professionally. So even as a kid When I was 13 when Tom came up in 1967 watching him go about it. You had a Seaver threw out the first pitch in the Mets last game at Shea Stadium and was honored last year with a street naming at Citi Field. He was too ill to attend. Seaver died Monday from complications of dementia and covert 19. He was 75. Steve

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