Will Marvel re-cast Black Panther following death of Chadwick Boseman?


After the death of Black Panther's star Chadwick Boseman fans are taking to social media to demand that his role not be recast and future Sequels. Fill. This brings to question what the Black Panther re casting process would look like if it were to happen. Joining us with more on the KCBS Bring Central News Line is Tim Grey, senior vice president at Variety magazine. So Tim, what's your thoughts on this? Marvel is going to be in a bit of a pickle for the foreseeable future. Yeah, I mean, I think I think it's the there's an online state of mind, and it's like whenever they announced the new James Bond or when they would notice a new spider man. People online are saying no, that this person is going to be terrible. And then the actor turns out to be good, and they like the film. I cannot imagine. I've seen people suggesting that they just canceled the film supposed to be released in 2022. I think that's not gonna happen. I think I think they'll probably recast it. I mean, they could explain that by saying, you know, he is being reborn or regenerated or or they could just do like to do with James Bond. It's just he walks in, says I'm James Bond and everything's okay. All right. I'll accept that. Is. Is there anybody from the previous movie that you think might take up that mantle? Could they even put a female in the role of Black Panther? Well, I mean, that's an interesting idea. I mean, you know, again with the Spiderman into the spider verse, I mean, there were about 15 different Spider men of like all ages and races. You know, there could be that. I think you know Michael B. Jordan was was really great in the first film, thinking that he could take over. There's a lot of good actors. I think it's possible possible T catch an unknown, but I think I think you know the film will go ahead and and and I'm guessing that fans will embrace it. But People really loved that movie and and and they loved him in it. And so its people are in a little bit of shock right now. And you and you hate to be so blunt when something is so fresh like this, But Marvel is a company and it will come down eventually to dollars and cents for them. Yeah, well, I mean, the first movie made a billion dollars, so the idea that they would Just mix a sequel. I think that's not gonna happen. But I also think fans when they're over the initial shock of his death, I think they will want to see another Black Panther movie. I mean, I I want to see another Black Panther movie. Um, I'm curious to see what they do with it. But But Ryan Coogler, who directed the first one is working on the second one, and he's really smart. He's got really good taste. So I I have Ah, lot of faith in him.

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