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First days back to school for students and parents. College re openings. False NFL covert positive tests. CDC revises their guidelines, prison firefighters and movie chains reopening. We start with open line headlines. USC Corona virus outbreak More than 100. USC students have tested positive for Corona virus this week alone, bringing the total to nearly 150 since the fall semester started also Research shows that California death rates from the virus for Latinos are soaring illegal cannabis shops. A new study from USC shows unlicensed marijuana shops were disproportionately setting up in lower income communities across California communities with a high number of Latino and African American residents. Wildfire prevention firefighters have been given more money from the state to fight fires, however, were still getting massive fires, like aware a climate and energy expert At Stanford University, has advised the state legislature on wildfire issues, he said. Firefighters do a good job, but more money needs to go towards fire prevention such as prescribed burns, etcetera, he said. We can't prevent fires in the state, but we can minimize the damage. N BA boycott reaction divided views as players for the Lakers and Clippers say the whole N BA season should be shut down over racial justice issues. The rest of the league has decided to continue with the season end BA superstar Charles Barkley told CNN. It's exhausting being black in America and baseball boycott. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts explained that the Dodgers and Giants refused to play in San Francisco on Wednesday in solidarity with protesters of racial injustice and pregnant women and caffeine. Women who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant may need to forego coffee, tea sodas and other sources of caffeine. A new data analysis finds no safe level of caffeine should be Achon during this time. Cause for cautious

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