How the Escape from Alcatraz Worked


Hey and welcome to the podcast. I'm Josh, those Chuck Jerry's out there in the ether somewhere. Like that one kid. Being transmitted from the camera to the TV in Willy Wonka. got that one eight kinds of wrong. Yeah. But anyway, this is stuff you should know which is appropriate. Get something eight kinds of wrong right at the beginning. Did you ever hear the story from gene? Wilder about the move at the beginning of that movie where he walks out with a cane? where did the spill the somersault? Yeah. You see Kane in the ground and does a somersault no, he said that that was his idea. And this just shows the brilliance of gene wilder in he said, he did that because he knew from that moment on no, one would believe anything that character said. Oh yes. I I have heard that before. Great. That is that is brilliant that man was a brilliant man any wonderful human being loved him. He's one of his last on Conan O'Brien was so great because Conan was just. Gushing and I'm sure gene wilder was very I. think kind of taken back by how much he means to people. have you ever seen? Oh. No that wasn't the question I had. Did you know? Did you. Know the question was did you Did, you know that Conan O'Brien Dennis leary or cousins? I. Don't think I knew that. According. To Conan O'Brien, asking a question on jeopardy that is his cousin. speaking of jeopardy we have a colleague named Ken Jennings who was on jeopardy. Yeah and we have another colleague to call leagues called Daniel and Hey, and they have a a podcast called. Daniel explain. The Universe is pretty cool. But they also chuck I just saw have a PBS kids animated program coming out September seventh called. Eleanor. Wonders why okay and it looks adorable. Well, that's. Right at my daughter's alley. Yes. So check it out everybody PBS kids, September Seventh Eleanor wonders why in Congrats Daniel in Hor? Hey. Do you have any famous cousins? Famous or infamous I think we are the famous cousins. That's that's all said, our families are. Feels pretty great though I keep being like, Hey, let's have another family reunion this month. Speaking. of infamous cousins, cowboys, the Anglin brothers Yeah. Man. This is I kinda thought I thought we did this and now we do we do on Alcatraz and maybe just briefly touched on it absolutely because this is this movie. The nineteen seventy-nine. Escape from Alcatraz movie with Clint Eastwood. Was One of my favorite movies as a kid. It's a good movie I, Wa-, I watched it just the other night as part of this. Yeah. I it was an HBO special. So I must have been didn't when I was eight to probably was like ten or eleven. And it was one of those movies I probably watched. Over a dozen times when I was twelve twelve years old followed by Kroll and outland of man those are great. They always went together though didn't they? Yeah. In war games I mean those are all HBO specials but this is a really good movie and I'm a big fan of prison escape movies shirt and I was thinking today when I was looking over this stuff again that. It's so weird that like. These guys were hardened criminals. And yet when you're researching this oil, you can think about is a man i. hope they got out of there and I hope they live the fat life in Brazil. Well, they're really speaks to like who they are, what they became because of this escape, which is put most simply their folk heroes I guess. So yeah, that's definitely a part of being a folk heroes that you can. Transcend the kind of like Judgements that society typically levies against. Criminals like if you if you are so good at your craft or so good at something to do with criminality that you transcend being judged for your crimes. That's you've become a folk hero for sure. It's like DB Cooper. Yeah and I think it helps that You know these guys were armed robbers and thieves and I think frank, Morris? And we'll get into all these who these dudes are. But he was a drug trafficker but they weren't rapists and murderers I don't. Know they they were definitely non violent criminals from everything that I've seen these toy gun one of these robberies your adorable. Let's talk about these guys like you were saying We're talking about a group of people who escaped from Alcatraz and as far as anyone knows, they are the only ones who really may have escape from. Alcatraz. They vanished in nineteen, sixty, two Leaving their cells and were never heard from again and like you said, they were all hardened criminals like lifelong career criminals Frank. Morris was thirty five when he left Alcatraz. and He'd been criminal since he was thirteen he was in and out of institutions and like you said, he wasn't a violent criminal wasn't a rapist murderer or anything like that he was used. To. To sell the drugs he had his. Forehead tend to earth star tattooed on his forehead for a while. She very sensibly had removed later on is that what that means? But he was a drug trafficker. Yes. No I think that means that he did a few too many drugs one night. Oh, he really did have a star. Yeah. I thought that was some prison thing for like the teardrop Tattoo means you. killed somebody or something. That's what I've always heard but I don't know it could just be urban legend but yes, whatever we. Did have a star. Okay I. Think he got super wasted. Star tattooed on his forehead. There is a tattoo artist far too handy that night. Yes Yeah which I think the old saying don't ever make friends with Tattoo artist. or at least drinking buddies. Sure. It's true but he was also super smart to yeah. They point this out in the movie A lot of the movie I. I mean it's pretty close to the real story. They did a really good job, but they do make a big deal in the movie about how smart he was. An IQ is sorta take care of leave it as far as that being a real measurement of one's intelligence but he supposedly had an Iq of one thirty and the the BOP which stands for the Bureau of Prisons. I I didn't know they had rankings but they had rankings of. Intellectual intellectuality is that a word? Yeah, I. Think. So it gets the point across air go it is and I'm curious what other rankings they have but best look in best apps. But he was in the top two percent supposedly in the American prison system as far as his intellectual capabilities. Yeah. So you you hit on a point there I think we need to at least at least bring up like the the the the movie did follow the the actual the truth of the matter fairly closely in some cases in other cases, it veered wildly away like there was a character based on one guy who was very much involved but they didn't even use his name and they made him seem less involved than he actually. Was There's a lot of the movie gets wrong but the problem with covering this is that there's so many gaps and holes that are so easily casually filled in you can't help but wonder like wait was this was this detail provided by somebody who saw the movie and took the movie as fact like where are we exactly just how pure the knowledge and understanding is of this escape? So you have to kind of bear that in mind that a it's kind of a blur in the annals of crime as far as factuality

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