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It's time for a news flash is time for Mr Bob Huse ler. TV Sports Play Jr. The Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz playing right now it has the makings of a memorable game seven. The Nuggets once trailed to Siri's three games to one and the Jazz in this game. Once trailed by as many as 19. But with 805 to go in regulation, Utah has gone in front jazz lead. It's 68 65 now inside. Eight minutes to go. Earlier, the Celtics beat the Raptors 102 99 coming from behind the outscore Toronto 30 to 21 of the fourth quarter. And in that fourth quarter Marcus Smart nailed 53 pointers. Brad Stevens You know, he's my first came in the league. I think he was gonna focus on that work on it improved. He has now made himself into that. That's been a lot of hard work on this part, and he deserves a smart finished with 19 is the Celtics take a Tuo Siri's Lee. The Islander score two goals late in a regulation to force overtime. But it was Scott Law No. The Flyers in overtime, who ended it in the Flyer. Stay alive. They beat the Islanders for three and out trail, the Siri's Three games to two Yankees for only the second time in nine tries this season, beat the raised 53 and tempers flared with one out to go after our oldest Chapman threw a pitch near Michael Brazos head Words were exchanged. Teams had to be separated as they left the field. Starling Marte, a Marlins debut. It's a tiebreaking homer in the eighth and the Marlins beat the Blue Jays. 3 to 2. Brad Miller. Homer twice drove it. Seven Cardinals 16 Reds to the Philly shut out the national Six Nothing Top seven Indians lead The Royal 61 bottom seven white socks and twins tied to bottom of the eighth. The Cubs have a Sixfive, leader of the Pirates. Top nine. Braves 10 Red Sox three The Orioles leave the minutes 95. In the top of the ninth. Bottom seven. Astros four, Rangers three Top five Giants haven't Ate one leader of the Rockies bottom of the seventh of Tigers trying to make it six greatly.

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