Ed Latimore Explains How Action Leads to Mindset

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Admit. It's an honor to have you on the show. Welcome to dose of Leadership A. Thank you for having me man I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me I'm always grateful when people listen to. Say Yeah well, you you're when I get a lot of requests for people to come on this show your stood out to me again I I. Love you know everybody loves a great story of how you got to this point. I mean you're relatively young young man but you've experienced a lot of life in your your your youthful years. I think you probably more lifetimes than than most of us I mean, I think even when I was reading your bio on your website you. Like in your fourth incarnation of your life. You know what was funny somewhat off topic but about that bio I have found that when you get. Good people around you in terms of like their skill and ability, it tends to a lets you focus on what you're google? And and this website is it sounds you know to buy this very new production. He have like three, hundred, sixty, five days ago that website look completely different and we put a lot of time into redesign it and making it more friendly more for conversion Cetera et. CETERA. One of the things we did not have was bio and and I'm I'm lazy man like. ME Rather. I don't like to put the star of energy and things some towns and I'm working on the air and the guy who works on my website very smart. God's got a lot of insight both both technically and socially you know put together a bio didn't give me guidance asset, right? How long would it be goes lungs you want it. So I got to writing and I said, well, what am I good at I? Think I'm GonNa Communication I think that's why in teaching spinning these stories, these words. So as it, what's the best way to describe my life because I become aware of light you gotta sound different you can't only your house right and I said Okay I always tell people and I I do I've lived A different experiences that that are so different that you don't hear. From them in the same person. And from each of those, you know with with the blessing, the realism blessing I have control over it and slut how my brain works out how I like to take lessons learned from beings and really. Sit In dive deep gets some afflictions of my life. That's where that came from the four lobs and related for major lessons that I've learned moving through them, and in really continues to give me a great advantage today I. Think makes me more label gives me a different different ways to enjoy 'em relate to the worth. Yeah. No there's a level of authenticity there and I think that's what stood out to me when I was. Again. Get I probably get thirty to fifty pitches a day for people to come on in your stood out because it does seem like there. I don't know what it is. I can't even articulate it, but there seems to be a level of. Authenticity around you you seem to be I don't know if you're intentional about it or not, but it seems you seem very authentic and I. I think you know. Someone actually asked me that last night and what I realized is that. In terms of the intention. Of versus not being intentional manufacturer versions spontaneous or whatever What what I think is occurring is that right I I don't have many natural talents. One of them is teaching I think I have a combination of the patients versus the ability to kind of reverse engineer not be struck on a carson knowledge etc autos things together make you agree teacher and communication and I understand that for me to be successful with what I want to do with how to be I can't ever let myself getting a position where who I am comes into question. Yeah. So that automatically. For moves strongly disincentivize is a false presentation. So. All that leaves us for me to be myself and and fortunately I've lived in such a way to myself is not a bad guy. He's not a dull guy. I understand that by being honest with moderns about everything I've gone through I can affect the bigger change it does no good if I tell a Guy You know don't drink alcohol for. Bad for you or something like that. It's a lot of course a lot more back in you know discuss my troubles to the point where you know so. The book about it many articles website about it. If there's a commercial angry I'm out of four, I need to be able to eat. into you to do this. But I'm lucky in that I don't have to put such emphasis on the commercial because the life itself is the work it's it's the art. Now like in many ways, I tell people in the art and artists not a businessman.

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