Zoom's earnings soared nearly 3300% in second quarter

Snacks Daily


Zoom just announced Monday that quarterly sales quadrupled to six, hundred, sixty, three, million. Then they announced that the number of paying corporate customers with more than ten employees quintupled to three hundred, seventy thousand it also increased its profit projections for this year as second time this year just don't. Do that don't do that twice by the way we don't even know what comes after quintupled. That hasn't even been reached before. Now the stock of Zoom or thirty nine percent Tuesday on news of Monday's epic earnings reports, and by the way, the stock was already up three hundred and thirty percent this year on top of that zoom video communications is now worth one, hundred, twenty, seven, billion dollars, which is fourteen lifts beginning of. Twenty. Was What two lifts knackers. The reason zoom keeps showing some believe the future of orcas remote, which would be nice for zoom, and if you don't believe that, then you'll probably just end up using zoom when you get back to the handy cozy office anyway. So Jack, what's the takeaway for buddies over at Zoom and the all time growth award goes to envelop zoom SOPs.

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