Family of 25-Year-Old Philadelphia Mom Killed in Hit-And-Run: ‘We Want Justice'


With information. Here's K Y W. Charlotte Reese. Police say two cars were involved in the hit and run that killed 25 year old Avante Reynolds but didn't say speeding was a factor. Neighbors tell NBC 10 they beg to differ. Speeding all the time is never really enforced. 25 miles, drivers never enforced. They just They do what they want to do out here. The crash happened near the Cops Creek Parkway in Catherine Street. Police say two car struck Reynolds. The first driver fled the scene, but the second driver waited for police to arrive and they got it. Whoever hit her just need Attorney Self. Ernest Brown Reynolds. Uncle says her family wants justice. Yeah, she got a head on his shoulders. She'd never been in no trouble. She had family did lover Reynolds leaves behind a two month old son. Anyone with information should contact the police Charlotte Rescate Y w news radio. Six alarms get hundreds on the scene that's

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