Weekend Wave Of Gun Violence In New York City Continues


Shootings in the Big Apple. They were nearly two dozen shootings here in the city, and as a result of the gunfire for people lost their lives. One of the fatal shootings was in Coney Island. Four people were shot there, and one of them died early this morning. Anger today outside Carry gardens on West 23rd Street. Put these guns down. Stop the tide of people's kids. Dying too Am a man opened fire on four other men. Killing a 27 year old, critically wounding a 36 year old. The other two victims expected to survive, though police say they're not cooperating in the investigation. A day earlier, There was another fatal shooting nearby. Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams tell CBS to police should announce a comprehensive plan for dealing with all this bad guys have increased. Meanwhile, here in the neighborhood, Rilo calls this violence a crying shame has come out. And, you know, covert 19 thing. You know, we're trying to do that way should be trying to get together. Man, not tear lives apart. Roger Stern, 10 10 wins in Coney Island, and so far the identity of the person killed in Coney Island hasn't been released. People in the communities where the gun violence has sore this summer are really fed up so much so that they held a rally in Brooklyn today, a variety of groups came together. They included the National Action Network, Tony Herbert, United Clergy Coalition advocates without Borders and a new group called Sisters United against Violence. Here's their spokeswoman, Leticia Smith. We want peace, and when do we want it? We want it now. So we stand to say enough is enough. Put down these guns. Let's talk about it. And let's figure this out together. Looking at NYPD stats shows that between 20 and 50 people have been shot every weekend since January.

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