CDC abruptly changes position on when to get tested for COVID-19

NBC Nightly News


A CDC, is sparking controversy by suddenly changing its testing guidelines there's an Thomson. Despite a thirty seven percent dropping cases nationwide since late July furious push back on the CDC's recommendation that people exposed to covert and have no symptoms no longer need to get tested the change igniting confusion among public health experts. That's an essential component of case, based interventions doing effective tracking and tracing New York's governor calling the move indefensible. You cannot justify that on any public health basis that's politics president trump in June suggested less testing so. I said to my people nor the testing down please today the Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the CDC. Says there was no direction from the president or vice president on the new guidelines defending the change when pressed by reporters saying tests should now be focused and strategically done not for the sake of being tested. If we're not a lease people, they will infect others and the viral transmission and outbreak will get only worse over. A concern shared by Dr Anthony, fauci according to a statement. Tonight, he reviewed a draft of the guidelines but was not at the Task Force meeting where they were adopted because he was undergoing surgery Boston University believes more tests are better. It's built a covert lab on campus where eight robots helped more than a dozen people process up to six thousand Kobe tests. Day Part of be used massive effort to test undergraduate students twice a week and get results in twenty four hours. If someone is positive, we can call them and do contact tracing and got the. Isolated as quickly as possible putting students like junior catherine, Grabotski addy's I WANNA, keep everybody around me safer says I WANNA. Keep myself safe across the country outbreaks were students gathering large parties with few face coverings two, hundred, seven cases at Auburn six, hundred, Fifty, eight at University of North Carolina of fate bu hopes to avoid even if someone doesn't adhere those individuals safety practices and they're not keeping socially distance, we're gonNA catch them on our testing to keep students healthy and learning

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