Apple TV plus plans on implementing augmented reality to woo fans

/Film Daily


Apple TV plus is planning to add augmented reality to the content what is going on here each day According to a new report by Bloomberg Apple is reported reportedly planning to add augmented reality content streaming service Thou actress companion to its current. Titles that are streaming on the platform and they would be they would basically implement objects or characters from these titles, which would be overlaid onto real world environments via an iphone or IPAD APP. A Bloomberg describes this basically as. Something Akin to bonus content like a director's commentary for movie and They described kind of with the in relation to the show for all mankind saying that someone watching moonwalking seen in the apple show for all mankind might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their devices display seemingly seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table. So it sounds something like My closest comparison would be like pokemon go. And how you can see through the screen like a an object that is reacting in no time to the environment around them but on through your screen and this is apparently being designed to draw in and retain new subscribers as well. Promote apples a our technology.

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