Rediscovering our Intimacy and Sexual Wellness in the midst of a pandemic



How are you? been a while I know we're supposed to connect like over a year ago when you were having a baby. That's right that was around that time. I didn't realize there was a year ago. That's right. Now. That's crazy. It's crazy crazy on but I'm so glad you're here we've wanted to. Connect. With you and have a conversation with you because. I think there's a lot of there's a lot of questions that we have in a you're you're an expert. On sexual wellness and we realize her this time that you a lot. One question that we've been asking other women is. How is, how is your your relationship? How is your your intimate life right now with Kobe and everything that's happening insane indoors. how has your you know? How are you doing this in lobby? It's non existent right now. So either that or you know I've I've seen posts of France at already announcing pregnancy some like whoa. Okay. So that. One or the other. You how it home, but we wanted to check with you. So you can tell us important tens of or sexual health, and you know everything that we need to know about that. You know we WANNA just share and learn from you. For, sure. Thank you so much for making time for this. It's definitely. It's definitely interesting time given. So many things going on in the world stressful hard things going on in the world with with the impact it has on our relationships in our intimacy not everyone is in a relationship but at the same time, the relationship with ourselves is, is like the most important one too. I. Think you're right and what happened before Kobe was really like a shelter in place. Kobe. Is that a lot of people saw oh my gosh. There's going to be having sex all over the place. Everyone's GonNa be quarantined together with partners and. There's going to be all these babies and so that's where like the Kobe baby boom came out of that idea. But in reality would like to tell people is that yes, there are cases where there's a lot of There's couples that are very happy spending much time together and are having a great sex life, and that happens at any point. It doesn't have to mean that it's with or without copay like there's. Couples just naturally like that. But for most couples like in most women, there's a lot of stressors going on and when we have that much stress both external and internal. So like in the world, there's a lot going on that stressful but then turn on meaning like some of us are losing our jobs or or having to manage kids now in a very different way and like trying to wear you know the whole. Balance All the stress can actually decrease your sex drive and what happens with that is then it leads to more things. So when you don't feel in the mood to have sex, you're not reconnecting with your partner you're not getting like that cocktail dump of hormones that you get when you orgasm, you're not communicating sexually. So it Kinda starts to trickle into this whole spiralling snowball and you can quickly find yourself like very. Unhappy in your relationship in you don't really know where it came from or you can be just super stressed and on edge and not understand like why can't release that and so do say it is important for us to talk about the ascend like figure out like what can we be doing right now when we talk about her sex driver when we talk about, you know de stressing ourselves or with our partners. I think we're GONNA talk about some of that fit. It's definitely I don't think people expected. This to be the case, they didn't expect there to be so many relationship struggles right now and it's very it's very normal, very common if you think of. The hierarchy of needs, right like shelter safety food that was I, and like I think all of us kind of freaked out in covid was happening and shelter in place. You know there was no food and groceries and things like that. But then the next need is connection, and so we're there I think people are longing for the right type of connection.

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