Exams: Does anyone actually revise properly?


Today, we're going to be talking about everyone's favorite time of the. Show. When it comes to the exams anyone actually revised. Every student ever. So I think everyone has a idea at this point of like going to be really good at this time around. But it's not gonNA happen. So how would you go about combating that? I mean like well, obviously, you're on your first This a pointless endeavor. Why would you? Leave the room. But no like I. Think for me. Obviously, it's my second year. So I. It's like you learned from the first of how to tackle revision an exam rooms and everything like that, and then implemented the second year. But guess what guys still this look so I think for me like. I always follow the tips such as like Trying, to start work early, you know tried to revise the as possible leading to content turning to everything, but you never happens. Let's be honest I was GONNA ask well, like in your levels I guess Lauren called it. What did you do that? Like what was Your Vision Tactics So essentially when I was in Secondary Go. I'll go coiro in. Year nine. And then I didn't really come back into school. properly again until maybe like. Three weeks before Mudgee says he's which stop. And That was literally any more schools in like a frantic we need to get this kid today's exams and. Basically. It was just a case of semi downtown. Me Walk Exams, I was GONNA set and leave meter and. Had some teachers that were ready right and some teachers that were less say So I had varying degrees of helping different subjects which basically meant now had very little. Tom. Sawyer Myself Out and. So we just went into it with. Nothing to lead you just go a God I'm not. She came out. I Proud of that Spanish, because I, no chance I'm going into it on I think. On the plus it has showed me that like. Kremlin is a technique. Just, doing nothing lucky to get that knock before your deadline over for your examined you competing stumped. Forget who the people that the alike I'm sorry. This is really bothered me to site but let forget people saying, Oh, it's really important Vida sleep. It's more important to have some degree of knowledge about what you would go out to an example and I think. Trump is north communism not useless like I wouldn't advise it. But if you nothing then chromium is there any place is your only option and you should definitely take. The negative saw of die experience on or I did I've, still Kremlin. Is I. has completely lock shaped my stations of every other exam I've sat since and every deadline more or less thought to mate. So I levels coursework. Assignments at university. I'm not the person. To like. Talk to you about being prepared. And Doing a little luck religion and stuff but. I will endeavour to change this I'm just saying the Kremlin. Go is going east of it. Decent. Kremlin. I mean I mean. Three weeks like to get will that work done is like Merck Guys Redmond breath yet cruise just like that just proves how like you know. HOW COMING WORKS? It's an amazing system guys. Will teach you guys here you know like it's it's like three weeks guys. He lent his entire season three weeks and he's still eating.

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