As U.S. TikTok Ban Nears, Here's What We Know About a Deal

The Takeaway


TIKTOK could soon have a US media partner Bite dance the Chinese company that owns tick. Tock has chosen the American Tech Company. Oracle for the role. The move comes after the trump administration signed two executive orders aimed at forcing bite dance to sell Celtic tops US business over what the President says our national security concerns but the deal isn't done yet. It's still needs to be reviewed by the US government. Here's a president trump had to say yesterday no, I'm not prepared to sign off on anything I have to see the deal we need security especially after what we've seen with respect to China and what's going on we want security so I'll let you know. Cristiano Lima is the technology reporter at Politico and he talked to me earlier this week about what we need to know about the deal and its implications for user privacy. But I, I asked him to explain exactly what Oracle does their a one of the biggest tech companies out there. But certainly under the radar particularly in Washington. So they do a lot of cloud computing services they provide supply chain tools, data management certainly. Not, the things that most people associate with tact when they think of facebook social media companies, but definitely a major power player in the industry that provides a lot of indispensable services for lots of businesses. So they're not really a front facing technology company that we think about when we think about like what tech companies we know off the top of our heads, why would oracle be interested in buying or partnering Tiktok? That's what makes this such an interesting move for them. of tech companies that we've seen come under intense scrutiny in Washington has been the public facing ones that the facebooks the Google's the twitter's of the world, and this would be oracle really stepping into a potentially a lot of that scrutiny by taking a potential stake, a partnership bowl in Tiktok, which has faced its own political headwinds in Washington, not only on these national security issues that are getting so much attention now, but also along the lines of. Privacy and content moderation issues but it is a company that has seen its user base really expand this urine twenty twenty with a lot of people staying at home on their APPs rolling through the popular videos, and so it's certainly was a very appetizing company for a lot of its suitors were pursuing the company and it's a chance for Oracle to release order to step up its its profile.

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