Smoke from California wildfires reaches East Coast and Europe


Hazy or smoky like appearance in the sky? NBC 11th Alert meteorologist. Steve saw, Snus says it's due to the the wildfires wildfires burning burning across across the the West West at at hazy hazy or or smoky smoky appearance appearance that that you you see see to to the the sky. sky. And And there's there's mysterious mysterious sunrise sunrise and and sunsets sunsets are are a a direct direct result result of the Western wildfires burning out of control across Washington, Oregon and California. We've never before seen this in recorded history. Such widespread and intense fires, especially this early in the season. That smoke, which was just draping the West Coast, producing images, almost like Mars in San Francisco. Has now lofted up into the jet stream and hitched a ride all the way to the east coast of the United States and cities like Chicago and into Philadelphia, New York and Washington are all seeing this smoke in the sky and the smoke is not stopping here. It will be making a trip across the Atlantic Ocean arriving in Europe by the weekend. Back in the Philly area. There are no air quality concerns because that smoke is about 20 to 25,000 ft. Up. But expect that smoky backdrop for the rest of the week.

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