Trump, Houston And President discussed on Michael Berry


Pressure system over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico. It could potentially impact us in the greater Houston area. Forecasters say there's a 70% chance that system could become a tropical depression by the weekend. Weekly jobless claims are down, Labor Department figures show 860,000 Americans filed first time claims for unemployment benefits last week. That's 33,000 fewer in the previous week's total that was revised for about 893,000. It's the third straight week claims were below a million. President, Trump says the CDC director made a mistake when he was talking about a timeline for a Corona virus vaccine, Trump told reporters Robert Redfield put out incorrect information. We told a congressional hearing Wednesday that a vaccine probably wouldn't happen until the middle of next year. The president has insisted the vaccine would be ready. Very soon. And with millions of acres already lost two wildfires and nearly three dozen confirmed states. Fire crews are still on the front lines trying to tamp down the place blazes ravaging Western states. Forecasters say rain could provide some relief today in Oregon and Washington. More news on demand and Katie are each dot com. Our next update at 9 30. I'm Wyatt Goolsbee on Houston's news, weather

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