Virtual Holidays: Lessons from our Muslim friends

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Angelica Lindsey. Ali. My name is Sukhothai. My name is Ben to file. Hardest for all of us was on that was that was a killer think yes. Definitely a killer to not be able to be such a community months as a whole month. And for most of it for all amid were at home was how very first one ever. My entire life remembering having big told that we can't go to the mustard. A typical is version without covet. It's The Best Day of the year. Is Really Fun. So what we do is we wake up in the morning we put our best clothes on put our best perfumes and put a best jewelry. And then we go to the market for for prayers we played shoulder to shoulder some of us stay until midnight I'm the last ten days especially because those are more even more specialties the last than days a lot of people I, truly stay at the much. And then after prayers then we you know we congratulate each other go and visit family and friends. There is always a lot of food. There's a lot of festivities and my family I'm usually the one who cooks for all of our family and friends. I think all of us everything shut down in March. We knew Ramadan was coming in late May tune. I think all of us started to pray hard that this was not going to last until them. Praying shoulder to shoulder is a huge deal for us. It's almost like a transfer of a spiritual energy as we pray together and you you have to stay succeed apart because of covid obviously, I must sheets have been closed. So we had a live streaming of the actual prayer. I might be you know out of turn saying this but I, really think it was the women in Lima Sloan Community who really made the most of it because I think we're used to having to be adaptable to change and I. I really liked the way that there were so many outlets like there were so many classes I've found opportunity as many other women did to sort of take center stage. And so I actually had a class with over two hundred one from fifteen different countries every Saturday during the month of McGaw and that gave me an opportunity at least once a week to connect with women to talk about Ramadan go over spiritual principles and really gained much as we could from the month. So that was really beautiful. There were daily drive-thru if tires that women like put together so that if people need it food that they could drive through or walk through or deliver. So yeah I, think it's a time of. Trauma we're all in a collective state of trauma, but it's also a time of immense spirit of opportunity. So Rahman to actually very fulfilling. It got us to be we missed that community but on the other hand I, think all of us were just surprised that the advantages the positives. For instance, I would often either take all of my kids would break at the mustard or break at home and then pray at the mosque together but schooldays, right I wouldn't be able to do that I would often leave the behind This one though we came up with very. Creative ways of involving the kids. So the whole thirty days of the fast, we were able to private the break with our kids play with them, and then we were able to show them what we do in the mustard here at home we we taught my my son to lead some of the prayers which was I think very. Very in new and interesting for him very you know they're empowering for him so. That was a big positive I will go so far to say this year. Ramadan Ede were a lot more meaningful than they have been in the past because we have to be very intentional about who we chose to spend our time with. we were very mindful about wearing things that we could make ourselves or that we already had because a lot of the shops or close We spent a lot of time cheer rating, the experiences that we wanted to have for our children and with people who were within our bubble. So I'll though the fanfare of holiday was missing I really feel like this was one of the best holiday seasons ever because it stripped off all of the slush and really focus on what the essence of the holidays truly are so that that made unexpected. Beautiful.

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