Under Trump, US reputation hits rock-bottom: Pew global survey

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For the past three and a half years the united. States has not been very favorably viewed by other Western countries that's according to survey results from the Pew Research Center but a new study they paula shows that our reputation has taken even deeper nosedive just over the past year Jacob poster is at Pugh in Washington Jacob Pugh does a lot of surveys and this is not the first one about America's image what made this survey nick. Well, we've actually been doing surveys for twenty years now, and we've been tracking the international image of the US during that time period and in the current survey in two thousand and twenty, we're finding some the lowest ratings we've ever found among traditional allies of the United States in terms of US favorability including in Japan, the UK Canada you know more than four in ten have positive views of the United States and these are some of the lowest levels of favorability we've ever measured for the United States. The title of the survey says a lot. I think US image plummets internationally as most say country's handled corona virus badly. So how did your survey respondents about the US and the corona virus like what was one of the questions? Where we ask people on whether various countries including their own were doing a good job of dealing with the corona virus outbreak and on that question when we asked about it for the United States, no more than twenty percent and any of the thirteen countries that we surveyed said, the United States was doing a good job of dealing with the krona virus outbreak and that's different from what people told us about their own countries and most of the. Countries we surveyed people were actually fairly happy with how their own country had dealt with the outbreak. The there are places where the US image is seen more positively than other places. What country had the most people who thought the US was responding well to the coronavirus in terms of response to the coronavirus no country was over twenty percent. But when it comes to the US favorability, there are countries were a majority still have a favorable view of. The US, but that number has shrunk dramatically in the last year. South. Korea's one country where fifty nine percent have a favorable view of the US. But even there that's down almost twenty points from two thousand nineteen when seventy seven percent favourable view of the US

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