North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan.


For most of the new cases and fatalities. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is accusing President Trump of not taking the Corona virus seriously enough. You continue to lie about covert 19. He doubled down on the catastrophic mistakes that he's made and perhaps First of all, I made clear that he still doesn't have a plan to bring us out of this crisis. Biden also slammed Trump for saying he wouldn't have done anything differently. Biden says the American people can't trust President Trump. Elinor Pritzker says he will not give in to pressure about letting youth sports resume in Illinois. He says the risk of spreading covert 19 is still too hard. While parents might choose to send their Children out onto the playing field, I can tell you that someone else who becomes ill because of that decision. I wouldn't call that your personal choice Governor has been hearing from a lot of coaches, parents in student athletes who want to get back on the football field or hockey rink. At the governor's news conference yesterday, Rush University medical centers, infectious disease specialist Dr Michael Lynne says it's not just the actual game. That's the problem, he says. Sports teams are in the locker room, working out in the gym and traveling and giving the virus. More opportunities to spread. Thousands of people turned out to celebrate Mexican independence overnight in Chicago, caravans

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