Today Cryptotraders Could Be Busy


Tonight's looking good today is looking good bitcoin play the game yesterday it pushed onto another daily high pushed higher trendies day we grinding why? Grind Grind Grind, is what we? Currently. Doing and look I tell you what? It's It really does look could. Let me visit numbers? We got two, thousand, one, hundred, seventeen, all thereabouts thereabouts that he's effectively a A point of resistance that was a support level that I raised my orders to buy Bitcoin It's come back up towards it tapped on. Yesterday, it just tapped a little tap tap tap. TAP. Aroo. And now. I'd love to say that level guy we get through that level and we stopped to get a lot more going on a lot more interest and bitcoin will the news that's coming at continues to be stronger and stronger and stronger we currently from those lives that we saw. In the full which happened to be nine eight to one way up twelve point, two, five percent from those lows. So the last three days have been pretty pretty conscious nothing major nothing major but let's get back to I. Think it was Monday Monday. Will we all right now we're up nearly seven percent. Or thirty seven percent thus far actually the best way to do that it's just a little weekly six point six percent the guy. And this off the weekly. So I just gotTa plant in the minute now, willy pushed through today will we see bitcoin pulled back a little bit and give us that or low on the high timeframes twelve-hour will the daily before we go through? That's the probability that I'm waiting to save plays at a couple of tries came out yesterday that was one on that was one K B while. X which is perpetual. Okay. B. p. e. By Doing the thing that look right now you know. BITCOIN's momentum guards at starting to look a little bit dangerous. He smashes through that resistance plays going the whole of the top ten is lit up wrought now and looks superb arts bitcoin eleven thousand and thirteen dollars a half percent to die look yesterday. Let's not forget what Adidas I did go all the way out one point six percent closing at ten, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty, five, loy eleven, thousand theorems pretty a pretty good. Push out of the Guy Fawkes up three point seven six. Now, we're only one hour into the trading day and the three seventy nine, point six, three yesterday was flat and do anything except pay another one stop it's pushed hard full percent at twenty five point, six cents we sitting at right now starting to see that momentum increase once again, mole bullishness coming across these top ten bitcoin cash yesterday was damn point three percent today currently up two percent to thirty fuss what seven zero locking up three percent today. Yesterday. It was down one point one percent. It's at forty nine dollars and twenty three cents vase at one point four, three percents still one of the most ugly shots in the top ten. The, right. No data bats up one point four percent at one, sixty, five, forty, four. Donna closing in at ten sent me was down yesterday was only down one point seven percent today so far up two point, five percent bonds had bullish cattle in the cradle dot closing. It's broken the high of that now that doesn't mean tried to vital to me right now. It just means it's done something. It's I didn't get along on that tried to it because it wasn't there. There was low a high hall I don't play that game. Ply The guy, a tried trend. The trend wasn't set. We currently twenty dollars twenty one, one, point, nine percent on the day. Saifi ails would. Up One point two percent rejected the lows yesterday at one stage the law two, dollars fifty, seven, a closet toodle seventy one, point three, it's up two percent of the minute. Two hundred seventy six is what you WANNA theory else full length is up three point five, six percent off the being down one point out yesterday we are eleven and twelve cents holding again above that ten dollars, he's a story of the day thus far. Off Donald, my scans Adema scans across the markets that I like to try. On the full list full scan, it's Now seeing green lit up everywhere at the moment really really is a positive looking stopped to the dialogue full of so other continues to kick on. But if you look at the daily shots, there is a potential for lot of these dialing shots to have a high low in a bitcoins already continued movie it's dominated. than any of the others as far as moving. Hi, this way cerium look give if we can get above three ninety point seven, one, the high blood of high lows, but they'll be. Then we'll have an uptrend

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