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Down nearly 150 points. The NASDAQ is off nearly 170 SNP off nearly 31. It's getting update now on W T and traffic Vicky Jacuzzi and watching the roads this morning. Thanks, Steve. Good morning. This traffic report is brought to you by Staples Schools on Staples has everything to start the school year, right? No matter where it happens, and all an amazing prices this week, it's staples. Apple Airpods started just 1 29 offer ends 9 19 while supplies last limit to school on save on at Staples. Policing crews are still at this crash in Lake Forest at the intersection of Route 43, just south of Everett, also a disabled vehicle reported in Round Lake Beach East Rollins Road at Cedar Lake. Still, some delays lingering on the inbound Eisenhower between ST Charles and the tristate Tri state itself is slow heading North bound. Just getting on that westbound to 90 ramp. Stevenson backed up from Ashland onto the Dan Ryan ramp inbound that inbound Dan Ryan trip. Is going to cost you about 25 minutes in from 95th. I'm Vicky Cuckoos even from the idot traffic Senate, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Residents of Alabama and Florida is starting to clean up after Hurricane Sally. That storm came ashore as a Category two hurricane. And is now a tropical depression

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