Teo come out on a number of things that we talked about this afternoon. But also this hour we're going to play



The American I'm sorry, the academy Of country Music awards last night, and also there was a really big honor for a Maren Morris. Who had a great video interview with her. That was so on our WWL radio Facebook page and also on our website had a great interview with her a couple of years ago, and she's really a very, very talented young singer, and she has made really Quite an impact with a new album that she has coming out. So we'll tell you about that will also play a song from the album coming up this this half hour and, you know if you want to talk about country music we can I noticed back in 1919 89. I did a television interview with Reba McEntire. And I was doing radio and TV for a channel five wkrg in Mobile Pensacola, and this was at the Pensacola, a civic arena. I think it was called that at the time. And I was backstage with Reba McEntire, and she's wearing black leather pants. And I noticed that some of her band members looked like they could be in a rock band. And that's the first time that I really noticed the country music was was was changing. And I've often asked country music stars, and they really don't have a specific answer. Asked the Florida Georgia line. I've asked a couple of other country music fans about this are stars about this. Did did country music change the audience? Or did the audience change country music? Because you you know you watch these these country music bands now and If you turn the sound down You could be watching a rock band. That's a big change. It didn't used to be that way. But it's that way now, and I like a lot of contemporary occurred. Country music. I love Thomas Rhett. And a lot like Maren Morris as well. But there really is this

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