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Fourth inning playing like an MVP, except the next 18 White Sox batters go down in order 18 straight to end the game. I lost home to Minnesota Fiveone Reynaldo Lopez starts with socks against twins of 1 10 this afternoon. Cubs off host those Twins tomorrow at 5.5 games would tend to play hobby by has delivered a game winning single with two outs in the 10th last night's living past Cleveland in extras. 3 to 2 and double a basketball can start up again. November 25th Day before Thanksgiving. JOSH List News Radio 7 85 Point defend You even give news time 9 48. That means traffic and weather together on the eighth sponsored by M Co transmissions in total car care. Here's Bo Durant looking pretty good across the board on most of our expressways and hallways, with no major problems on the Edens at all. Just 19 minutes between Lake Cook and the Junction either way you go The Kennedy Expressway inbound slow from Randolph to the burn interchange 23 from O'Hare 13 from the junction, the outbound Kennedy just on the west end from Nagel, the Harlem It's 22 minutes to get from downtown double hair, Eisenhower inbound slope as David into the burn interchange on the outbound side to 90. You're heavy past the tristate before saying Charles because of moving roadwork on both shoulders, the Stevenson inbound. No mainline delays, but the ramp to the inbound side of the Dan Ryan packed in solid once against day That's going to be our new normal for the next year should be That Rampal don't be down in just a single lane until the end of next summer. The Dan right in down 25 minutes 95th downtown. You're heavy from 35 to Roosevelt. But the outbound side of Ryan's good

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