5 Minute Mysteries S2 Ep11-50 Ways To Leave Your Killer! - burst 2


The word as defined by Webster's means any religious doctrine, our body doctrines that seems above human comprehension. A definition that perfectly fits the ephemeral in `Nigma we present next. This is Michael Augusta. Clear your modeling. And shop in your skills of perception. Tomorrow never knows begins the nineteen sixties British pop song and for Detective Inspector Monroe. Tomorrow would dumped fifty potential murder cases on his desk. With nothing linking them together. Say for the fact. They all occurred. Yes today. The crews say channel mystery theatre presents. Fifty ways to leave your killer. This week's five minutes Mr. are, you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin. In all his years in the police force detective Inspector Monroe had never faced a more baffling situation. or a more hostile media circus. It was difficult to know where to begin. On Friday afternoon hundreds of thousands of people in Monroe's populous. But largely peaceful London Barbara had gone home from school

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