Freedom Summer: Brittany Packnett Cunningham - burst 5


When I have a chance to pass them right to them that I am doing so and it means also making sure that yes, it's time to make a phone calls sending emails, Standard Protest sign a petition advocate for a bill that I am doing that and that is a personal people that hopefully people can apply to their own lives. So, look at the privileges you had to think about how you were spending that privilege on behalf of people who don't share it and Deity with people who share it rather than hoarding it to keep yourself comfortable. That is worked for all of us to do, and it requires US looking in the mirror and working on ourselves every single day recognizing there were not perfect and we never will. But every day is another chance to get better and better and at standing in solidarity with others and to do the external work of making the world more just more free for everybody not just the folks like ourselves. is so powerful and hoping you can expand on that a little bit because we have lots of listeners who are young who parents have children, and they may want to get more involved. When advice would you have about them really starting on their journey to being an anti anti-racist

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