Sometimes They'll Just Never Get It #1010



Sometimes no matter how many times you say it no matter how many different ways you try to present the message that just not going to get it. They're just not going to understand anybody who's got kids knows that that's true. In fact, anyone who's been a kid knows that's true. How often have you seen kids try so so many times in so many different ways to try and craft a message just to convince the parents of a way. That they see things and in the end they never do and they probably never will because at the end of the day one man's logic is another man's insanity and sometimes you just of come that. So don't beat yourself up over the fact that you can't convince the unconvincing because if people don't want to get it, they just never going to get it. There's no point in you beating yourself up about it make your case state, your position but. Darn. Dine obsess about the fact that sometimes you just can't convince them because sometimes they just never gonna get it. Already that is for today. I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow. See Ya.

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