Fox News confirms Trump mocked US troops as ‘suckers’; Biden calls him a disgrace


Reporter confirmed some parts of that Atlantic story that says President Donald Trump called dead United States soldiers, suckers and losers for getting killed. President calling on Fox to fire that reporter, Fox News. National Security correspondent Jennifer Griffin said she had confirmed trumpet disparities. Veterans also did not want to honor the dead of the US cemetery in France and also she reported that he did not want to lower flags after the death of Senator John McCain. Trump spoke with reporters in Maryland yesterday. Somebody said they say, I said race Frankly, it's a disgrace to your profession. Late Last night, Trump attacked Griffin on Twitter called for her to be fired. He also wrote that Fox News is gone. Republican representative Adam Kinzinger, not siding with Trump, the Illinois congressman defending Griffin, calling her fair and I'm afraid on the other side of the aisle, no surprise Democrats using the report in the Atlantic to their advantage. Trump is long considered himself a champion of the armed forces, his opponents now using his alleged words against him, former vice president president candidate Joe Biden. Calling Trump's reported comments. Biden's words here Disgusting, sick, deplorable UN American and absolutely damnable. Recent Military Times Poll shows support for Trump slipping The poll among active duty servicemen and women showing 49.9% of active duty troops have an unfavourable view of the president, while only 38% had a favorable view. A poll also asked the question. If the presidential election were to be held today, who would you vote for 41.3%? Said Biden, but only 37.4%, said Donald Trump To trouble for a

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