Historian Jessica Krug Admits to Posing As a Black Woman


Crew. She's a professor at George Washington University revealed she'd been lying about being black for years. She will no longer be teaching classes this semester a spokesperson for Gw you did not comment further requests not been returned for CNN the message from the Gw, you administration comes just one day after crew is a professor of African and Latin American Studies revealed. She was not a black woman that she had been passing herself off as for years instead she revealed she's white Jewish from Kansas. City and throughout her adult life there she goes Krug had masqueraded as North African African, American, and Caribbean rooted Bronx blackness. was onto her ass years ago Roseanne Barr. She knew Oh. Yeah. That's right. Didn't know. Little yardstick. But how bad is racism in this country where half the people are trying to pass themselves. As. The hated race or not have to build. Those Cases of people trying to become a race that we allegedly hate and that doesn't seem. Not a great strategy. If in fact we are who we say we are well, it was funny because like I said August was the first person to send me this article and I got many after that and he made some joke like Oh must be a friend of Gina's well I said I it's not that big of a community. In Kansas City, I promise you I know someone who knows her psych I text, my best friend, my oldest friend from Kansas City and I said what's the deal that the name sounds familiar? Do We know her? Yes, she went to our synagogue she's so and so's niece She was a few years behind us to sit in front of us at snuggle. while. You Go. It's a small town in Kansas City. Now was she doing this in order to get a break I mean to get on the staff or to be able to teach these subjects credibly other thing too is kind of weird. It's like. I can listen to a guy speak about the civil war who didn't participate in the civil war needed to be reacting I'm old fashioned that way like I just feel like you can talk about Black Studies Chicano Studies. You may speak about that like you speak about any subject yes. Right. We're all you got CAESARIA coming on soon but like some of The best analysis about sports football regular are not from guys who played the game. You know what? I mean the best hitting coach Ted, Williams, the marginal hitting coach. You know what? I mean because it came. So naturally to him, I is the person who's studied it and really understand the science of hitting and that's why booger McFarland doesn't have a job. Exactly. Right I. Think you're right like. Is it the chicken or the egg? I would be shocked I mean, that would be a way bigger story if she felt like soul man like had to become this person to get this job than it would be like this undercover story and it would be totally different. This seems from just just a few paragraphs that this is she wanted to identify an Oh, I, would get a job doing this and she said I'm not a culture vulture I'm a culture leach. This kind of her may call. Yeah. Well. But if you think about it, if we live in a world where we're really getting granular about people's heritage and it turns out that you're kids got a better shot at getting into a better college if they have a little native American blood in them or little Hispanic or little something, it makes sense. A lot of people are going to be checking that box when they're filling stuff out like there's going to be. We are giving people in that. Arena that the college campus if we're saying. We are going to lower the admittance standards. If in fact you have a little this in your heritage. And your heritage or we may be hiring, but we're looking for somebody with this and their background and not that in the background. It stands to reason that a lot of people especially in the murky world of heritage are going to start fudging things right? Why? Why wouldn't you? I mean, what's so different about Laurie Lachlan out mean it's like going. Past. Kid off like half Cherokee Indian or something she probably would have would have done that. So I think we're going to see probably more of this. Well, she's no Elizabeth Warren.

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