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Lt's Philly's. If you want to still vent about the fliers, you're more than welcome. You want to curse out the Sixers. You're more than welcome. Ah, even if you are a union You know, I get all kinds of emails and texts. You never talk soccer. Nobody ever calls about socks that that that's a thing now because I know people complain about not talking hockey. But now we're now we've graduated to soccer because he started talking about your Spanish guy. So you probably know all about. I couldn't tell you one thing of, you know. I'm sorry. Today, many union players I couldn't union. I know they played over there. Just a county, right? Do they play soccer? And look, I'm sorry. I'm not a soccer for other I'm now you wanted someone wants to call in and talk about the union are more than welcome. You can teach me about it'll square. Who's a Kevin Kincaid used to produce over general three crossing broader Billy He's a soccer guy, so he's the soccer game is all over. 21559 to 94 94 got an hour left to go. Sports Time is one

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