Boston - Wellfleet approves memorial bench for 2018 shark attack victim from Revere


A memorial bench. NUKE Apollo Beach will remember the victim of a fatal shark attack doubly busy Zarko in reports, it came as a shock to the Cape Cod community. On September 15 2018 26 year old Arthur Medici of Revere was boogie boarding at Newcomb Hollow Beach when he was attacked by a shark. Efforts to revive him failed and he died at the hospital. It was the first fatal shark attack in Massachusetts since 1936 and now the town of Wellfleet is taking steps to remember him later this month of bench will be installed at the beach in his honor. The custom bronze plaque will feature Medici, his name, a sunflower and a Bible verse. The more than $2000 for the bench was raised by local residents. Heather Andrew Doyle. The bench installation is tentatively scheduled for September. 15th. The two year anniversary of Medici is death.

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