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Nutrition. This show is brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness. I'm very aware that each time I get the privilege of CO hosting this program I typically start out by saying something like we have a great show planned for you today and we do and we do and I believe that every time I say, but today I'm feeling just a little differnt today. I'm certain. We have a show that's going to be better than great I think. We should call it exceptional. All of you listening are in for a real treat because we have in studio joining me today to experts in the field nutrition I. I'd like to introduce Greg Peterson to olive you greg is a wealth of information about many different health topics. But today we've asked him to be a guest on dishing up nutrition and bring his knowledge and expertise to. All of you on the specific topic of prostate health, and before we get into that topic, I, wanted to tell you a little bit more about Greg Greg has been passionate about nutrition for at least the past forty years now, and he really understands how nutrition can help people feel their best and it was way back in nineteen seventy, three that greg and his brother Dave started. Their own nutrition based company and I think a lot of our listeners are going to know the name of this company. But I I wanNA tell you Greg and Dave started the company in the basement of their mom and dad's house in that great well I. Just say, thank you to your mom and dad right that they take over that space because now we have neutra dine. Thanks to mom and Dad, and thanks to Greg and Dave's passion and drive nutrient dine has grown and grown and grown over the past forty years, and now they're one of the leading supplement companies in the United States. Not only think about that for minute one of the leading. Companies in the country in the country and our our we soon to expand is that what I could be. Talking. About the earlier to have. Into Europe quite a bit. Now, we have very prolific K distributor forests, and soon will be moving into Asia as well. Just kind of finalizing those things and. So there. I it's been very interesting ride you know and love it all and my mom bless her heart. She earned sainthood. You know by giving up her home to her two sons and You call her call, her your indentured servant back then so she not the basement that you must have helped out. I did write a poem for her at Memorial I was called my almost perfect mother. Tribute to to all the things that had done for family. Odd. That's wonderful. Privilege to have you on. Today. Thank you yes and we are privileged to have that other voice here in studio to that other voice that you hear many of you already have recognized is dark vist as many of you know, Dr is the founder of nutritional weight and wellness. She's also a certified nutrition specialist and Greg and Dr have actually been friends for over thirty years. They tell me and if you were to know both of them like I do that wouldn't surprise you because they both share a similar passion which is basically teaching people the. Value of nutrition for Greg and for Dr. it's really all about helping people achieve long term health and if you haven't recognized my voice yet I'm Cassie wieners I'm a registered and licensed Dietitian I have been for the past twenty two years. So I have a couple of decades of of knowledge and expertise that I could share but I think mostly I'm going to let Greg Dr Lead the show today and I'll I'll be the moderator for the most part and before we get into our topic I want to let. You know that prior to today, we asked listeners to send in some questions that they have regarding prostate health and prostate problems, and in that process, we also received some questions about prostate cancer. So we hope to have time to answer those questions I know the hour goes by really fast but hopefully, we can get to all of those questions and I know Greg has a plethora of information and research that he's brought along surrounding specific supplements when it comes to the health of the prostate gland and of course because. We are nutritional, weight and wellness. We will be discussing some research around food habits and our own lifestyle habits that can contribute to an inflamed prostate gland and I'm sure there are some men out there listening that are well aware that if you have an inflamed prostate gland, it can create quite a bit of discomfort. So Greg, thank you so much for being with us today. It's going to be fun. I understand that deb your wife is a fan of dishing up nutrition dismiss it. Well, thank you. She loves it she. She she feels get such good valuable practical information and you are her favorite too so. Greg. I know you are constantly reading research. Old Research and do research but I've heard about your file cabinet that is many file cabinets. Full research information just. Even come into the. The newest century yet because I still have file cabinets a fall him whereas most people would put them on their computer I still digging through looking at the paper copies I have filed and filed. Miles of that to not quite sure what to do with it sometimes. I hear you Matt Yep. So you started neutral dine. Like. Thirty forty years ago forty years ago. And now it's just a really well known well respected someone company but you also provide a lot of education for people just and that's I.

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