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Lows his investors dumped heavyweight tech companies, which are dragging down the NASDAQ. Apple stock is down around 2%, bringing the stocks three day decline toe around 13% the tech Titans Recent stock slide has pushed the company below the $2 trillion market capitalization threshold, and the Labor Department's closely watched employment report showed that U. S payrolls added 1.4 million jobs in August, which was more than expected and the jobless rate. Lto 8.4% from 10.2% in July food delivery company Grubhub is expected to officially become part of its European rival. Just eat takeaway by the first half of next year. Although Grubhub is in third place in the U. S Behind Uber eats indoor Dash. Just eat executives tell Reuters that Grub hub is better position than its rivals to prosper in the US that your Fox business report online for the Rebar ski invested in you. Capital. One checking and savings accounts have no fees or minimums and a top rated banking app that lets you manage your money any time

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