BU Has A Quiet First Move-In Day


It's moving day at Boston University and for once, not the typical chaos as Suzanne's aswell reports with strict covert protocols, the streets around Boston University are pretty quiet. Normally these side streets off Calm after bustling with students, families and U Haul trucks, But not this weekend. Freshman Victoria Lee from New York City just moved in and says it's kind of depressing when you envision your moving experience. You want to see all the people everyone moving in with their families on the floor, but I think they're like two other people on my floor. I don't know. Very quiet, kind of like a prison. Lucas from Florida, says he's the only student on his entire floor right now and says BU is doing a good job of keeping students safe have to wear masks all the time, and even the bathrooms. You have to wear masks in there unless we're like taking a shower, so it's pretty strict and each student needs to be tested for covert 19 every three days At BU Suzanne Saws Bill W. B C. Boston's news

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