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I'd like to welcome to the show Sarah brewers from travel with Sara, dot com, and also mid west travel network, DOT COM and oddly enough we're going to talk about the mid West and specifically serious here to talk to us about Iowa Sarah Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here excellent well and I put out the. Word among my travel blogger brethren and written and I don't think that this thing put a couple of weeks ago and said, I've got three missing states I missing Iowa Nebraska and Hampshire, and at least one person I think it was more than one said if you want Iowa have to talk to Sarah and why is that? Sarah. What's the connection to Iowa? Well I live in Iowa. I have lived here all my life and I live on I will farm I'm married the neighbor boy in two thousand eight I started a blog and it was in two thousand thirteen that I really dove into the travel side of things. But the one thing that I realize is a lot of people didn't know a whole lot about the mid West or my home state of Iowa in. Most people don't realize that I will has beautiful cornfields and soybean fields we have that, but we have a lot of other amazing things and that's why you need to come to Iowa to visit and we're GONNA get into all of those today and I can't wait to share I. Clinical Slices a paradise will normally ask why someone should go I. Think you jumped into that one ahead of time anything else you would add to that I will surprise you I think the art, the culture, the scenic byways will blow you away. You could spend probably one home month exploring Iowa's scenic byways and I think that's pretty darn. Cool excellent will and where are you going to take us to what you're gonNA recommend where we starting. Well, let's start and do and. North, central. Iowa. Route, which is near where I live. I live near Mason. City. Mason. City Clear Lake and we're GONNA go to Charles City those three towns there, and then he can go up to forest city where you can see we're winnebago motorhomes are made. So you start in Mason city, Mason cities, a great base camp, and I would recommend that you stay in the park in hotel. The parking hotel is the last known hotel in the world designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Can stay there. Okay. People come from all over the world to Mason City Iowa population twenty six thousand something. So I have to Mason City, but I stayed in the holiday and see this is my mistake. You need to come back and see if the. I'll give you the grand old tour I. Didn't know he had designed any hotels. That's true. The first thing people say to me is Oh I don't think I could afford to stay there. and. I'm telling you that rooms at the Parken Hotel in Mason city. Iowa. Are Very affordable. I'm talking one twenty, nine to one, fifty, nine at night in a historic hotel. Designed by Frank Lloyd. Wright. I mean that is amazing. So when you're in Mason City, you want to do the river city's sculptures on parade, which is a sculpture walk, and it's always fun because I travel a lot and you know these artists that create these sculptures are all across America and maybe some of you've seen the Humpty dumpty sculpture that's around. I. Know I'M Thinking, the last place I saw one was in Mesa Arizona Okay I just have to take a Selfie with it because I'm like here's how you know Humpty kind of manages to be wherever I am but the sculptures are really a nice walk because they also take you through the Rock Glen area in Mason City, which is where there are other Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes. So is not only the hotel. There's other homes there as well and McKnight or art museum is a fantastic museum in town. They have the bayard puppets, Baird Marionettes, wizard of Oz the marionnettes that we're using the wizard of Oz are in the museum in Mason City and you can go across the street to Music Man Square we what puppets were in wizard of Oz are we talking about flying monkeys or what? Yes. Monkey is there okay it's a really Nice Museum but then you go across the street and you go to Meredith Wilson's boyhood. Home The music man. So, Meredith Wilson was born in Mason city. Iowa. And the Music Man Square has museum in there that is home to. Meredith Willson. So in the streetscape is in there and it looks just like in the movie, but you would envision it. So that's pretty cool. Meredith Willson he's also buried in Mason City and you know what? There's a lot of people that look for famous people were buried. You know who knew a lot of people cemetery tourism is kind of a big deal but then you go, let's go estimates saying you've already Charles City and get to Whitewater rafting most people don't think of Iowa and Whitewater rafting. And you can do that in Charles City Iowa. In Charles City I'm not sure eight, ten thousand people maybe. And you can stay in a luxury cabin there at red? Cedar. Lodge cabins that are overlooking the river great place for extended families to stay. But you've got the river

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