USPS: Pelosi to recall the House to 'save' the post office


Nancy Nancy Pelosi Pelosi is is calling calling lawmakers lawmakers back back into into session session to to stop stop further further changes changes to to the the U. U. S. S. Postal Postal Service Service ahead ahead of of November's November's election. election. Over the weekend. The USPS Postmaster General Lu Lu e D. Joy had to deal with protesters outside his home, calling on him to stop making changes. At the post office that could jeopardize mail in ballots and we're joined live right now in Washington by CBS correspondent Stephen Portnoy with more on this, Steve Good morning, When Will the House be back? We have Steven there, Stephen Portnoy with CBS trying to contact him. We will get back in touch with him in just a moment. But yeah, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again. Calling members of the House of Representatives back in the middle of their August recess. Yeah, most likely it will be on Saturday for what I've read. In the meantime, Senate Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York Is also begging almost Mitch McConnell, the House majority leader, to re open the Senate. Bring this up for the same very same reason. Plus he wants some hearings into this, so it'll be interesting to see what happens. All right, we we do. We have Steven Portnoy right now. He's back with us. Stephen. Good morning. Ah, the house coming back. I guess I guess later this week. What can they do? Really next weekend. What they intend to do is pass a bill that aims to stop the Postal Service from decreasing any kind of service offering. The bill is being written by Carolyn Maloney in the New York Democrat the same one that president points too. When he talks about flaws with mail in voting in a contested election in New York state. The bottom line is the House Democrats are prepared to offer a standalone measure that essentially restrained the Postal Service from cutting back on mailboxes. One Sorting systems are over time cut any of the things that you've heard about over the last week or two. The president's chief of staff, Mark Meadows, in an interview yesterday that he'd be willing, the president would be willing to sign a stand alone bill only Democrats would come back to Washington and past one Well, looks like Nancy Pelosi is taking the hint. And it's going to come back to Washington next weekend. How about the Senate? What is their involvement here? Well, we'll see. I mean the moment the legislation still in the drafting stage, and I imagine that the Senate majority leader would say, Well, we'll wait and see what the house might send our way. Sorry. And again. This is this coming up later this week, perhaps talk a little bit about Mark Meadows, though, as you mentioned he was on TV this weekend, denying that the Post office is removing those machines and mailboxes. We're not denying that happening 19 happening because the election it is happening, but it's happening is part of a long running plan. The Postal Service has suffered a marked decrease in mail volume over the course of the covert pandemic its businesses Have pulled back their use of direct mail for merchandising and marketing purposes, as individuals have continued the long running decline in the use of the mails to send letters and postcards. And the Postal Service is suffering shortfall. Now remember, in the early 19 seventies and the Nixon era there were the landmark reforms to move the Postal Service from essentially a Cabinet agency of government. To an independent service that would be sort of quasi governmentally run and operate on its own without taxpayer support for the most part of the last 40 years. That's what happened, but The Postal Service is running deficits and ultimately eyes asking Congress now for support, and there seems to be barred partisan interests in that. The question, though, is whether the president will support it. At a time when he's also discussed the possibility of holding back that funding so that Democrats efforts to expand vote by mail could be hampered. The president late last week said he would be willing to support Support for the Postal Service in a broader covert relief bill. If a deal for that could be reached yesterday, the chief of staff suggested the president would be willing to support stand alone. Bill. I'm not aware of any money for the Postal Service in the effort the Democrats are putting forward the Democratic bill that I read this morning seems TTO only restrict the reduction of services. Without providing the Postal Service. Any additional funding Stephen? Thank you. We appreciate the time CBS correspondent Stephen Portnoy

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