Lawn Renovation Do's and Don'ts.


You know this is you mentioned his midsummer were getting into August and between now and the the middle of August when you like to start lawn renovations. Means Mark and and most of it is getting ready showed. So to speak up until August fifteenth now that's not a magic day, but it's it's a period of time where I like to get the seed purchase. The fertilizer purchased I like to you. If I need to use it, I like to get the roundup ready to kill off the weeds and so on and it depends on this year in my limited travels. Because of the virus and so on I have not seen longs in great suffering condition. Now, they're getting a little brown from here to there but then depending on where you are in varying spots, it does rain get things going again and so on. So in any event to get things around then if I'm watching the calendar, which is just a generality, the August fifteenth period where it's still haunting drive is when I like. To get started on lawn renovation. Now, this when I say renovation, it's where you may be lost lawn and in my case, it's a smaller area. Thank Heavens but it's north of my house. It's it's a spot where somehow some annual bluegrass that started it is always luscious spring to the point of getting well over into the the perennial beds in one place. Then all of a sudden come roughly all this one, it just dies. Flat to the ground, it's done. It's done. It's thing for the year and that leaves me a bare spot or spots spot is not now it's not so big. But at the same time, I, go in with a shot around up. Well, I have in the past this year I don't think I'll need to I'll knock out any weeds that are being substantially nasty and then around the I I'm sorry around the fifteenth. I will scratch that up with a steel Tien Rake and be v. lets you say because of its size and area I will be ready to cede that at any point thereafter I get it scratched up and so on. I usually don't have much breed rakoff I kinda great it out after I've kinds of the ground, half an inch or more and more is better there's no question about it but a half an inch will give me a seedbed. So I get to see down a little fertilizer on top of I have in this case, I use compost that made. It just literally dusted over the top mainly just to keep those seeds moist during the heat of the day of and we'll go on with that thought where now if you have to really renovated lawn, it's a good time to win anytime now and thereafter after good rain or watering, you get the junk weeds grass and so on all growing then you hit them with around up then he weighed maybe ten days or thereabouts to see that everything has been in fact killed if so fine. If not give it another shot of round up then I think it's a ten day week period before you can see then at that point, you have some options and I caused guy great caused a nation and a significant aren't argument. One time we took in the slice Cedar. loaded. The top rack, each of the seed. Each of the little times on the bleed. have their about an inch and a half apart the seed drops in behind those the fertilizer, etc and up comes the grass. Well, the grass was coming up in rows and he's Hey, call me just more than a little bit anger. I didn't want a striped on I wanNA hold on I said, well, we've used bluegrass which will spread it is going to do so take a picture now just for fun sake Fun He's at I'm looking at it is a different situation. Anyhow, he did take the picture and years. Later we talked about his stripy lawn being quite lush and beautiful I happen to use the slice cedar on its own, just sometimes for cultivation sake under circumstances but it's a wonderful tool forgetting seed into little troughs or slits in the grass Amsoil seed should not be very deep into that most seeds well, generally speaking mark on seeds it you put it in the ground twice the deficit it is in diameter. Now with bluegrass seed that means you lay it on top. With with the perennial well with the Turf Type Pretty Well Ryan you put down another sixteenth of an inch but in any event you've made these little flips the. You put the grass seed down and at that point, then you start watering and the seed in terms of setting the depth of these knife blades. So to speak, I would not go any deeper than a quarter of an inch into the ground. You don't want to bury the darn seeds you want them where they can stay moist, they can be rooting into soil. By contacts but you don't want them down buried in in in do much shade from the We'd like up and so on. So you're going to be putting down seed you will come up and rose and give it then Well you have to allow on the BLUEGRASS itself. It's going to take twenty one days for it to germinate in in terms of generality, and I'll SOM-, maybe in fourteen days some maybe as late as thirty days but but twenty one days, it takes to get the bluegrass going in the meantime that they've type tall fescue will be up giving us some color cover and it Cetera, and we're back into a

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