LG offers a taste of what 5G looks like in South Korea

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LG Like every other mobile player is hyped up for five G.. What's the next generation technology in its home country of South Korea. I'm ready, Chang and this is your daily charge. With me as LG. Chief Technology. Officer. Ip Park. I WanNa talk about five gene. That was the topic we discussed back in at C. S. IN VEGAS. LG was an early adopter of five G.. Getting you getting that next generation while technology into your phones pretty early I'm curious what the overall reception for five has been like for consumers and consumer specifically. Five G. is not fully there yet although five G. was launched new, it'll take a couple of years for the entire infrastructure subject to be five, g.? So we are getting more and more content more and more devices in in five G.. Five. G. Phones are already out there. Everybody's using five phones, but the technical difference between Ltn five phones is very minimal currently because content is lagging behind but. Things like our dual screen phone is being well received in are launching new tax phone factors. Afon in the very near future stay tuned but also I think this may be this coroner. A situation will help will be utilized to sort of accelerate development five G. applications more because people need more immersive. You'll need more online experience at at either at home in a mobile or in the car catching in you know you talked about everyone having five phones It's perfect Segue 'cause I wanna ask about what the five experiences like in. South Korea. Because in the US you know it's A little scattershot it's not consistent. Right? You've got your verizon with very fast millimeter wave five G. in a few blocks in cities around the country. You know you've got that that sort of low ban nationwide network that t mobile nineteen have that that isn't much faster than for not what what is it like what five g. like in Seoul and what is the service like because i? Think I get the sense that is far more broadly adopted over there. Yeah. Five G. services corneas very good. As you can guess, creates a small country in very dense. So we have. Service towels everywhere. So, there's virtually virtually every place has connectivity and five much faster here. So he can get more contents so we can do much more content instant intensive things here like you can. You can watch a baseball game in a much more immersive way using dual dual screen. You can play games, you know much more emergency ban so on and so forth. So create is a much better situation to utilize five G. than other much bigger countries where you have to feel filling the all the landscape. And you mentioned that there's not not quite the content that there yet but I. Guess, we're a year into five deployment. What different applications have arisen particularly in that market since it feels like the deployments much more mature. What? What are some of the different use cases you've seen? What five gene in Korean specifically. One applicant. No. So couple of applications have been very popular with of five g you know especially a dual screen phones is that. You can deploy multiple applications, use them saying at the same time without having to switch between screens, but also you can watch. TV. Very. immersive way. So on one screen, you can watch the game on screen. You can want you all the stats, all the baseball player or you can focus on a specific player at that moment. So. It's more personalized than regular sort of A. Flat Service envy trying to build to build more and more contents behind this. In terms of the potential applications. You talked about the idea of know watching gaming against Pacific angles it'd be more personalized. Are there any potential five APPs or use cases that excite you things that you wanna see people take five take advantage of with five hundred five G. is not just for the phones but it's for everything else as well and I think automotive is one area. Utilized Five G.. So maybe even more immediate applications in connected. Car Stan. Mobile phones. But. You know there are many features that could be implemented in. five phones, for example. There's something a technological V. to X. vehicle to infrastructure technology that future costs will have for safety in coordination with infrastructure in other cars. But also, this can be implemented in software as well. We have recently developed something called to based of V. to X., and this can be implemented into an APP so that when you carry a phony five G., you're basically carrying the fight a V. TO X. Capability. So you can interact with cars, the car coming around the corner it'll alert you or alert car so that you're you're more careful and there are many other types of potential applications. To go with this on a more specific Epeli type of experience will carling for your APP when you have your phone around on you have when you have all your car driving around you can. Go. There and pure prearranged. Purchasing arrangement a while you're driving while you're walking many the meaning of those types of use cases helping to developed right now. We talked about foldable foldable phones of the last couple of times we met and just curious. It was clearly a hot topic last year less. So now even though we're still seeing some foldable phones coming out, I'm just curious what your take is on. The phone will see any kind of foldable devices from algae in the near future. So I think that's time I did probably mentioned that we we've been experimenting with many different types of phone factor, a home practice for the phone. And definitely, there's a need for larger display in the future or multiple displaying future specially with the five G.. So you see some of new phone factored phones coming up in the very near future. Okay. Nice. Nicely vague. Next. Code. Couple of weeks. Next couple of weeks okay awesome. Well. Thank you Dr Par for your time. Really appreciate it. If you have any questions about lg or five G. His twitter at the daily charge, you read all LG coverage on C. dot com for the charm. Roger Chan thanks for listening.

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