Interview With Ta-Nehisi Coates


Tallahassee welcome back to the podcasts what numbers this? Number seven. I think it might have been six. It's crazy. I can't even remember it used to be when we did a new one I would go back and listen to the old one. To See what we talked about before make sure no repeat myself. I just can't do it anymore. I can't listen to six. An, our audio. Preparation, so I gotta go off my My Memories. Yeah. It's been a lot. It's been a lot I WanNa say I feel very fortunate. I feel honored really that you are willing to have this conversation because I know you recently. Lost Friends Chadwick Bozeman, who is you know the world is experiencing that loss but I know you're experiencing it in a different way. Thank you for taking the time to do this even despite that. Now it's okay I mean we had committed before and. It's an experience to. Meet somebody. And you know I don't want to overstate Khushab was like a really private dude. And I think whenever you have people who are up at a certain level certain currency. That people try to deal in in you know overstating their proximity. So you know this wasn't a cow who I talk to every day or anything. But we did know each other we did it on. You know pretty much in the same circle. You know this guy met. Jesus. Nineteen Ninety seven ninety eight when. The students in the fine arts building decided to. Take, the administration building at how to prevent. Called it the absorbing of the fine arts college into the broader Liberal Arts School Indus- turn basically terrifies into a program as opposed to independent, which was crazy because. So much of what you know how a calling card is turning out autism Donny Hathaway To puffy to Tony Morrison just this long history. So it seemed crazy anyway him you another close friend of mine basically led the takeover and. are coveted for the hilltop for. You know some like at the beginning of my career I've probably been working for David. been mentioned several times. You know in other caucuses we we've done a couple of years at definitely maybe a year two years something like that. But anyway else coming in for the student newspaper and I say all that to say to watch him. On this arc. To see him you know student plays at Howard. He was always such a serious serious office. An intense and probably like the dude, I would least. Be Likely to pick to become. A major Hollywood leading man not because he lacked the talent. But he was so serious I'm. Dead dead dead serious about his art in and you know he really really didn't play and didn't have time. For Shenanigans. So just watches I mean he's one of those. Really really rare case, there's so much in the world it makes people feel like. Taking shortcuts in messing around and And Chad. Rare case that did it on principle and. Basically you know. Hard work you know. I know when people pass folks alight. They say this I never did any wrong or you know, etc. That's not what I'm saying. But I I was privileged to watch his as office. By went back and watched the onstage interview you did with him at the Apollo. And one of one of the things you said there was you sort of started off by saying because it was about Black Panther obviously, and and you said something like I didn't know that I needed this movie until I watched it you know and Kind of wonder how much of that? Connected with him being in that role or just. Yeah. No I mean. I would that was part of it. You know what I mean chat always had like this kind of you know otherworldly About himself. When he got past it's not like I was like, oh, he clearly can't this. You know what I mean is I said it was unexpected. You would be on this rise like this. I. Guess I'm more doubting. The system Hollywood. I think like an by point or somewhere around I point started writing a comic book. So it was like crazy. You know that you know he would be Erin I'll be right in the book and then I just so proud of that. So You know and even at that moment. He agreed to do conversation at the I mean you're talking about you on a billion dollar film. Again I knew. That they were. Promoting film it you know how exhausting? Because I think this was after they had gone on this global tour promote I knew how exhausting that was. After they had done grueling Toyota, he would just sit there and you have to remember what we know now was he was diagnosed about it. Yeah. Yeah. So he's been diagnosed with. You know what I mean and he sits up on stage in. But we had a pre call? His Russia with very very assistant. You know about that. You know we cheat the time limited data and I'm like, okay I'm. Trait. Up there with that, we got on the stage he has so much to say. And you can tell if you look at the interview, he just has so much to say and I think there was some point isn't Chin who has a black me the mask could come the and wants to get. Out At enchanted signs it. You know he was very conscious about what they're meant. And what what their moment met and it is. I just spe is it is hard to be sitting here talking to you about this in the past tense. Yeah. He has so many lighters just enviable qualities that relatively brief moment you know he really was king you couldn't have picked a better person to to carry it.

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