Deep Valley Red Blend 2018


Day. From. Sheep flying, find it Ascom again. Today we have. Five ninety nine red blend from trader Joe's The teat. Surround Low Sarah. It goes by the name of. Deep Valley Red Wine Blend Mendocino twenty eight teams. Normally Five ninety nine red wine kinda scares me a little bit because. You expect a few things out of red wine some oak aging some. Just some general aging. There is no budget applied ninety wine and a white wine. A little bit different like a Soviet block, a young savvy blockers young. They just make it. Right -Chusetts fresh. Lines good there. It doesn't that doesn't need to cost a lot of money. Learn, you need to do a little bit too and so it's always a little bit scary but I think they spied it's actually a food. Wise. I think it does better. With burgers or like a steak burrito does. On its own and I'm fine with it not the most malicious wine ever taste taste fine. But it's you know it's pretty pretty good. It's made by one of the oldest wineries in Mendocino. If you ever want to know who makes these winds for trader Joe's or any other Any other store where they don't really tell you what's what? Trademark. Registry. Website you get in there within our. Trademark lackadaisical it has come up. But. That doesn't mean that's a one that winery comes up would ever make on their own these custom crush people trader Joe's goes down and says, I want a wine like this at this price. They think, yeah. Okay. We can do that but it might not be a wine that they would ever do on their own. So don't read too much into who makes other than if they make good quality wine. They're probably not skipping on the quality that. They held back. And that's that and this is. It's a good ninety, nine Tuesday night. Pizza, burgers. Fine for them is this really well. You Know Harry. You go in and out Burger, we don't have it ended up Burger Chicago. It picked this would go great with that. There's another thing another observation about trader Joe's wines, and here's a five, ninety, nine wine from a single Aba. Under ten dollars. Californian the label which means that the grapes come from all over. It comes from the North Coast Central. Coast Central Valley. and. That's usually because to make wine cheap you gotta have. A lot of it. You gotTa make. Five hundred thousand bottles. And these big wine corporations do that they'll have holdings everywhere and you know they own vineyards contractors everywhere. So to make the most of their money and utilize scrapes pick from all over but trader, Joe's isn't like. They, go to a single ABA. And you don't know out of this is a single vineyard wine but not that, and there are a lot of vineyards in. In the Mendocino but. You know usually when these cheaper the winds are the simpler things is way to happens. You know they're not be off. You've got to bring in grapes from twenty seven different. Vineyards that might happen but you gotta figure cheaper just to grab one or two. So. To storebrand. You get a much more exclusive line for cheaper price than you do in a retail line. But you don't really know what you're getting basically. You're taking a chance but you get these single ABA wines and he don't know who's making what where, when all the time. But. If you go the trademark website, find out who's doing at Subic meals. Usually go because a lot of times these people. Make. These winds for trader. Joe's whatever their own brand self, their thirty five forty dollars. Make wines I mean it's. Just happen to have some extra great somewhere getting their hands on something. And you know trader Joe's better for. So. There you go. You got the deep sally you red wine blend from. Five, ninety, nine crazy price. There is some. You know it's It's a twenty eight. So it's fairly young for Redwan. Super Young read one.

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