After Walk-Off Game 1 Win, Philadelphia Phillies Settle For Doubleheader Split With Red Sox


Recapping a Phillies lost tonight to the Boston Red Sox. Any split of the doubleheader wasn't an all bad Damon, Alec Bohm. Had a very clutch hit to win the game in the seventh inning of the initial game, the first game of the subway. But really, if the floor's gonna win this division you gotta beat. You gotta beat the Red Sox both times or socks came into play with a 3 33 winning percentage today. I mean, that's that's bad when they're horrific team that I mean, you really can't We couldn't name half the pictures. They're throwing out their mean they haven't have. They don't have a starter for the second game. We don't know it was gonna be before today. There are bad baseball team and the Phillies split within this season. Really? Not good enough when you were when the season ends. If the fillies you know, lose out on the division by a game or two. Let's just play that out. When they lost twice to the Red Sox year in four games to into that's that's bad

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