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Joined by Jeff Ostrovsky. He covers real estate and mortgages for right, and we're going to talk about the state of real estate in the US all that and more on this week's episode of multiple answers. Alison what's up well Bro I want to share the fascinating story of Marion stokes and the power of investing to fuel audacious ideas. So I found out about her thanks to history. Cool kids on instagram. So if you're looking for a recommendation for a follow history, cool kids and they got it from Atlas Obscure at which I don't think I need to recommend to you because I think we all know atlas obscure is pretty awesome. And that was obscure wrote about it because of a two thousand, nineteen documentary about Marion stokes titled Recorder. So Bro? Showy let's do and I can't wait Boorda late twenties Marianne stokes had been a librarian lifelong activists and local TV producer. When? Peace of technology was born the Betamax tape recorder. Broadcast TV was considered pretty ephemeral abroad broadcast happens it goes out into the world and it's never really seen again. One example doctor who fans out there apparently lament the lost ninety, seven episodes of the show that we're aired in the sixties and seventies, and that were as a matter of routine deleted from the BBC archive never to be seen again because I mean who wants to watch TV episode over again am I right I mean you've seen it once? So, enter Marion stokes and her Betamax Machine Nineteen, seventy five. She began recording bits of Sitcoms, science documentaries, and political news coverage, and as her son explains from the outset of the Iran hostage crisis on November four, nineteen seventy-nine, she hit record and she never stopped like literally. When I tell you that over the course of thirty three years Marian taped over seventy thousand vhs and Beta tapes of television often running as many as eight machines at one time you'd think, wow, this lady loves TV. But the truth was that she distrusted TV and the media. As her son explains in the documentary, she quote questioned the media's motivations and recognize the insidious intentional spread of disinformation mistakes was alarmed in private Herculean effort she took on the challenge of independently preserving the news record of her times in its most pervasive and persuasive form television. So from a website called freeze Frey F. R. I. E. Z.

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