Restaurant workers converge in Washington DC park for Labor Day rally


While most of us took time today to rest during Labor Day Week, and others were using it as a chance to raise some issues about the economy. A rally took place in Malcolm X Park in northwest Washington, where people listen to speakers concerned about the pandemics impact on the restaurant industry. The crowd heard stories of restaurant workers troubles. Mickey Doyle Casella bartender, a member of the activist group Restaurant Opportunity Center. His workers are facing risks from diners. Some don't wear masks, even when they're not actively eating or drinking great, but a lot of them think they can do whatever they want, because they think that the customer is always right. Del Cassell says. Restaurant staffers are working harder these days than ever and fearing for the future, a lot more walking. It's really long hours. Really hot out Patio season is gonna be coming to an end. How are we gonna survive? The demonstrators say there should be extra pay for restaurant workers on the front lines of the pandemic. Delko cells has a little extra like hazard duty pay would help Dick Uliano. W T o P

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