Teyana Taylor welcomes baby with Iman Shumpert, gives birth in bathroom — again


Team on Shumpert. Auntie Anna Taylor. They had their baby. Really? Okay, that the baby share like couple days ago. Right? I know so much temperate. Posted at 3:28 A.m. On September 6 2020 Rose decided the baby shower throne for her and mommy was tulip. She didn't make the party, but she managed to make the next day, her birthdate. Now when we buy homes, we always find a bathroom with great energy. But not in a million years. Would you be able to tell me we deliver both of our daughters in the bathroom without the assistance of a hospital, our newest addition into the world in the water and came out looking around and ready to explore a healthy towels. A little sister. Another daughter, Black Love wins again. Welcome, baby girl. We love you, baby clothes bombs was the name dropping clues. Bombs for rules and Shumpert, Deana Martin. I did Eric about do get there to be the Dola. The question I would like to know. Remember, Tina said Erica was gonna do it. I saw the Erica actually posted about it. And I posted about the birth. I'm trying to see if that post said that she was actually there because she was saying it's a perfect little baby. Hold on. Let me pull up her post her right now. She said. Welcome, baby. Rosiana Tiller. They did that. Thank you both for allowing me to assist. So yes. Beautiful. First face. You see our voices, Erica Badu.

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