Tech startup aims to connect small farms with local consumers


Because of covid nineteen, some people have been avoiding the grocery store and ordering their food online. Usually buyers turn to major retailers but John Mayock Oh, thanks many are hungry for sustainable local options that they can easily pick up or have delivered. Local food is there. It's so close to us to purchase. We don't know who has it how to get the food WHO's selling it but if we knew that we would Morocco is the founder of Barn Door, a tech startup that connects farmers and consumers. The company software power social media, and online sales for small farms that meet sustainability standards. We're really dedicated to making it simple to buy from the farmers that have regenerative practices, sustainable practices that care about the soil and the animals and the people that they're serving in their local communities. She says, this does more than how produce carbon pollution in allows farmers to keep more of the prophets and buyers to know where their food comes from. You really help build up relationships inside of a community where people are directly buying and selling as it used to be, and hopefully it becomes as convenient as buying from Amazon, and any online entity, and then we're starting to really change the game for local farmers.

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