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Your citizens with bullhorn screaming in their faces. Doesn't make law enforcement job more difficult. Does that make us all less safe were to get into that coming up here in just a moment, Eyes and ears to your world Way. The voice of New York 17 w O R and I aren't radio stations Way have 75 degrees. Partly cloudy skies at eight o'clock. Good evening. I'm Steve Great field and we begin with an update to a story from yesterday in which 62 year old Michael Skelly of Bay Ridge was shot and killed while walking his dog Labor Day morning. Now 52 year old George Miles has been arrested and charged with his murder, along with criminal possession of a weapon. There's been a shake of in leadership in the Rochester Police Department. ABC is Lionel Maui's reports, Rochester mayor Lovely Warn, confirming Police chief Laurent Singletary and Deputy Chief Joseph More Vito are retiring. I know that there are many questions, but this just occurred. Honestly, I do not have the answers today. Warren assured the community the department will continue to protect residents. I truly believe that we will get through this. I will be meeting with City Council. To chart a path board. Lionel MORE use ABC News. A man is dead and two others injured as well after a gunman opened fire in Far Rockaway this afternoon. Police say the shooting happened on Rockaway Boulevard. Just after two o'clock, two men and a woman were simply standing in a courtyard with suspect opened fire. A 20 year old victim was shot in the chest and died. On 19 year old female and a 21 year old male were also hit. All are expected to survive. So far. There are no arrests. Today was the first day the teachers were able to report to their classrooms here in New York City, but many were not able to do so, Scott Pringle explains. Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza says there are 10 buildings identified as needing repairs. When it comes to ventilation and other issues connected to Corona virus. We're prioritising these buildings to get all systems up to par by the 21st. Of September. Meanwhile, staff of those buildings will be temporarily working from home, Mayor De Blasio says 96% of Classrooms are ready to go, but roughly 2800 have not passed inspections. But there's time to resolve a lot of those and have them ready. The teachers union says it will monitor to make sure all ventilation problems are solved. I'm Scott Pringle double The org Parents are being warned of a spike in Corona virus cases among Children. A 16% jump has been reported recently. That means that more than half a mil And kids have been infected and more than 100 have died since the start of the pandemic. President Trump isn't holding back when talking about the Democratic presidential nominee. If Biden wins China wins, it's a simple is that speaking in North Carolina, the commander in chief said the economy would collapse If Meidan takes over the White House. He claimed that his rival has spent nearly five decades Shipping ST John's to other countries. While Trump has spent his presidency getting the bank here, the chief executive thinks that bite will also put in major tank Sykes and impose a ban

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