Belarus Protest Leader Vanishes Amid Reports of Masked Abductors


Border officials in Belarus So the opposition leader Maria Kolesnikova, has been detained while trying to cross into Ukraine. Two comrades who also disappeared yesterday, apparently cross the border. Such a Schlichter reports 24. Hours earlier, Maria Kalishnikov was pounced upon by a group of masked men outside the arts museum in Minsk, bundled into a van and driven away. This morning, Belarus sport officials claimed the car approached a border crossing with Ukraine past customs and then accelerated towards Ukrainian territory. The official claims that Maria Callas, Nikola somehow found herself outside the vehicle and was detained. Even Kravtsov and Anton Meridian cough managed to cross the border. But their fellow activists are not buying this narrative. They say the three had no intention of fleeing and that the entire thing was staged in order to produce the impression that they were cowards and were apprehended while trying to run away.

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