Highest Paid Stars Lose $200M, And Mackenzie Wins

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Guys welcome tonight we pop I am so excited because man crushed Thursday because Morgan off. So our friends Scott Tweedie is back. On the the Wrong is California dreaming. Okay. So we been listening for two hundred episodes and we've never done a man crush Thursday before one Thursday that you're on. Okay. That's awesome. All right. Well, let's up into the top story because the world's highest paid stars have actually lost a combined total of two hundred, million dollars this past year you guys. So then actually according to Forbes newspapers paid celebrity let's Kylie actually came in first place but she's Short, she's low short. Sheelah my new little coin because she's about a hundred million dollars less of being a billionaire. So how should she adjusted lifestyle so that she can kind of be up there with the big dogs when I'm trying to save one, hundred, billion dollars, it usually comes down to just eating in more. That's kind of the main thing for me that could be it. That could be it. Actually there's a few things I can do. I think it's all about the people that entourage so they could mix it up with their security. God's maybe go skinny guys or get some of this street performers yet they have to. Oh I kind of agree with you hunter because we know from our past conversations that Kylie's post mates bill is insane like she spends thousands and thousands on post mates. So maybe that push her up to be becoming the actual billionaire I think she should just work a little harder is all I'm saying. It would hurt to do two more brand deals make that hundred million I think she's taking the easy road right now I'm feeling bad for someone else's probably feeling bad for her Jeff Bezos ex Mackenzie Scott because she actually has just been named the richest woman in the world. She's worth sixty, eight, billion dollars B billion after their divorce. I don't even know how to like comprehend having this amount of money. Hunter, are you gonNA shoot your shot with her was that you win you win you're going after a rich woman you need to make it seem like you don't need the money you don't want it. So on the first date you say, Hey, let me get this the second date and you say, Hey, let me get this and then on the third day you say, can I have a new car and then that's when you're in. For a chance on this one bit of your appearance that needs to change I think if you lose the hair. Hurrell down. I think you're going to be. HOW COME THEY Got Something to show. Call Him we call him a man crush and then we go ahead and remove my hair from a photo. I don't love this episode. Personally she said look I'm into you. I'm into you having part of this fortune, but you have to go bald, would you do it listen? I know you guys think that I'm this like moralists person who won't like just live a normal life but I'm telling you right now I would do it for just a million I would do for one million. Then I'd be set forever. I'm good with that. I can't believe that she's actually worth this much money. You guys. Well, you know it's crazy is just to put this in perspective Kylie would have to sell her business that she sold for about five hundred million dollars. Every single year twice the air until she was eighty years old to have as much money as Mackenzie Basil says insane in Saturday.

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